iland’s Commitment to Racial Equality

Recent global events have caused all of us here at iland to contemplate what we can do as a company to increase our longstanding commitment to erasing bias and promoting equality.

As a result of these discussions, we have identified three key areas where we can make positive improvements. These are:

  1. Mandatory implicit bias training for all global employees– We seek to identify and correct any bias in our work environment.  Our HR team is selecting courses that will help all team members explore any unhealthy biases we might have and work to eliminate them.  As we require this work for each employee in all of our offices worldwide, we commit to listening to thoughts and ideas regarding what additional training or steps are helpful in creating a bias-free corporate culture.
  2. Volunteer Opportunities through our PHilandTHROPY Program– We have organized and dedicated teams of volunteers for many different causes through the years, and going forward, we want to expand this to include opportunities to volunteer as a team for organizations that champion equality.
  3. Observance of Martin Luther King Day for US Employees– To honor the legacy of Dr. King and provide time to reflect on our corporate initiative to remove bias and work toward equality, beginning in January of 2021, Martin Luther King Day will become a company holiday. We want to encourage our employees to find ways to contribute in their communities on this day and further the cause of equality.

We value the contributions of each of our team members and seek to treat all with respect. Our goal is to create an inclusive bias-free workplace.