Continuous Risk Scanning

Reduce your time to detection and protect your business in real time.

Zero-day attacks are unpredictable. Your response doesn't have to be.

Vulnerability management, as part of an organization’s security strategy, is critical to identifying, remediating, and reporting on security vulnerabilities in systems and networks. 11:11 Continuous Risk Scanning provides deep, contextual risk analysis to prioritize vulnerabilities and minimize an organization’s “attack surface.”

Continuous Risk Scanning Baseline Analysis

Baseline Analysis

Baseline your risk.
With Continuous Risk Scanning you quickly and easily gain visibility into all your assets allowing you to create a vulnerability management program based on your unique needs.

Continuous Risk Scanning’s contextual risk scoring engine employs machine learning to correlate more than 30 vulnerability metrics to accurately score the most relevant risks that are specific to your organization:

  • Most common vulnerabilities
  • Authentication/Authorization issues
  • Missing data encryption
  • OS command and SQL injection
  • Software bugs
  • Weak passwords
  • Missing integrity checks
  • URL redirection
  • Site trust issues

Comprehensive Reporting

Complete environment visibility.
Once all assets have been identified, Continuous Risk Scanning ensures you have deep and accurate visibility into the vulnerabilities that pose the biggest risk to your business. These reports include:

  • Customer Vulnerability Reports deliver the power of snapshot or historical Vulnerability Assessments as well as risk metrics for your IT team and senior management.
  • Contextual Risk Scoring Reports focus on the most critical vulnerabilities taking into consideration their potential to be exploited. All reports can be filtered and exported.
Continuous Risk Scanning
Comprehensive Reporting

Continuous Scanning

Stay ahead of the curve.
After the initial vulnerability analysis and reporting, this solution provides continuous risk scanning jobs that will run automatically according to a predefined schedule.

If a change is detected in the environment, Customer Vulnerability Reports (CVRs) will be automatically updated so that the vulnerability management information provided is always up to date and available.

Continuous Risk Scanning Benefits

The complete picture.
Continuous Risk Scanning gives your organization a high-level view of your environment, and helps you understand how vulnerabilities could impact your critical assets.

Deep analysis.
Continuous Risk Scanning will identify vulnerabilities that lie deep within your environment, ultimately surpassing the scanning capabilities available with other tools.

Prioritize specific alerts.
Not all assets are equal in terms of business value. Continuous Risk Scanning gives you the ability to “reduce the noise” and focus on what matters mosts.

Continuous Benefits

Example list of vulnerability scan results can include:

  • List of detected vulnerabilities
  • How many detected vulnerabilities are rated as critical,
    high, medium, or low threats
  • Links to more information, including links to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • List of patches that require manual installation to resolve
Continuous Vulnerability Scanning