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iland has been helping customers transform their mission critical applications to the Secure Cloud for hosting, protection, and recovery for over two decades. During that time, we have learned a great deal about exceeding customer expectations from every aspect of the cloud journey.


iland cloud at UK VMUG UserCon

With cloud adoption standing at 88% amongst UK organisations, embracing the cloud revolution is now mainstream. In response to this increasing demand, VMWare is hosting the UK VMUG UserCon in Birmingham this Thursday, November 16 to connect VMware users together and provide opportunities to learn about the latest technologies.   Being the 1st VMware partner to achieve…

Cloud firewall

3rd Party Firewalls in the iland Secure Cloud

One of the main barriers to adoption for public clouds over the past few years has been that of security. Fears of hacking and data theft have been heightened by cases in the media. Many customers thought that cloud would automatically take care of security regarding attacks from the internet, and there have been great…


Beyond Disasters — Do More with DR

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, after unprecedented amounts of flooding have finally begun to recede from the Houston area, I wanted to avoid focusing on the disastrous event itself. It would be doing those impacted by the storm a disservice to write a commentary on protecting data, after a time where protecting loved ones…

Cloud adoption

Cloud Adoption across Europe continues apace

 While once perceived to be lagging behind their US counterparts in terms of cloud  adoption, European businesses are catching up –  with IDC forecasting that Western Europe will be the 2nd largest market after the US for public cloud services. While this increase is driven by the usual requirements for increased IT agility and reduced…