How to avoid rewriting your VMware applications in the cloud (EMEA)

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There is a fundamental shift in today’s data centre strategy. While customers continue to take a “cloud first” approach to new application development, they are now expanding that approach to “cloud smart” and considering which existing applications should be retired, preserved on-premises, or moved to the cloud. Each decision requires an understanding of the application, but moving applications to the cloud, especially those that are VMware-based, presents another layer of obstacles that administrators must address and reconcile to ensure success.

Hear from iland’s Sam Woodcock, Senior Director, Cloud Strategy and Brian Knudtson, Director of Cloud Intelligence, to understand the various strategies that can be used to move VMware-based applications to the cloud, as well as those options that may present short and long-term challenges.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Hear why “cloud smart” is replacing “cloud first” and why it matters to your organisation
  • Understand the various strategies, including the 5 R’s (rehosting, replatforming, refactoring, rewriting, replacing), that customers employ to run existing VMware-based applications in the cloud
  • Learn why iland’s VMware Native public and hosted private cloud can quickly deliver the benefits of cloud, without the cost, effort and complexity associated with hyperscale cloud platforms
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Sam Woodcock
iland Senior Director,
Cloud Strategy

Brian Knudtson
iland Director of Cloud Intelligence