Creating a Multi-Layered Approach to Security

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Cybercrime is rising at a phenomenal rate, and public-sector agencies are not immune. The truth is, criminals only need one well-timed breach to sabotage your defenses. This is why it is imperative to develop a multi-layered approach to security that addresses all kinds of threats.

Join iland and the Digital Government Institute during this virtual session to review the NIST Cybersecurity Framework from the National Institute of Standards and Technology at the US Department of Commerce. This government-approved framework can help you identify and triage the threats that pose the greatest risk for your agency. We’ll also discuss:

  • Why a multi-layered, holistic security approach provides the best method of defense 
  • How to prioritize and remediate your vulnerabilities
  • What steps you need to take to address data protection and shore up your defenses
  • How 11:11 Systems can help you create a security practice tailored to your organization’s needs
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