iland Solutions for Education

Whether it’s distance learning, student collaboration, or education research, iland Secure Cloud for Education can help you transform your mission for the better.

iland Solutions for Education

Supporting your students’ unlimited potential.

The education industry has come a long way. Teaching and learning are no longer limited to in-person classrooms, and textbooks are now available digitally.

But for your organization to deliver a successful online experience, you need IT that is ready to support changing demands for performance, security, and access.

Whether your goal is enabling a fully-online, remote classroom to thousands of students, or simply improving the capabilities of a traditional campus, iland Secure Cloud for Education is ready to modernize your IT for the needs of today, tomorrow, and beyond.

iland Secure Cloud services for education:

Disaster Recovery icon

Security and compliance focused disaster recovery in the cloud.

Object Storage icon

Cost-efficient and secure storage for long-term preservation of data.

Infrastructure as a service Iaas icon

Highest security and performance for IT transformation.

Backup as a Service BaaS icon

Backup and recovery to protect against internal and external cybersecurity threats

Microsoft 365 Backup icon

Secure and compliant backup for sensitive Microsoft 365 data.

Education Solutions Vermont Law School

Education Spotlight

“In this age of increased cyber-attacks, the value of having the iland DRaaS solution in place is practically incalculable. Our
IT systems are protected and secure should the worst

– Sean Lee, General Manager of IT

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iland Education: Unprecedented scale, access, and flexibility to meet your changing student needs

IT cost efficiency, consolidation, and optimization

Many of today’s educational organizations are challenged by the performance, access, and security of older architectures and the constant pressure to reduce costs.

At the same time, the requirements for success at the institution and student level are always increasing – how can moving to the cloud help?

Moving to iland Secure Cloud helps you:

  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of your IT estate – including hardware, software, management and data center costs
  • Improve the efficiency and steps involved in deploying, managing, and consuming resources through hosted, pay-per-use public and private cloud
  • Reduce the number of vendors and improve time-to-value for your students online learning services
  • Help your organization protect and safeguard your data

Application and data performance, access and availability

Many of today’s educational organizations are challenged by the performance, access, and security of older architectures and the constant pressure to reduce costs.
A high-performing online experience is quickly becoming necessary in many education institutions, especially those operating globally.
It’s not just speed, it’s access (from anywhere) and availability (24x7x365).

With iland Secure Cloud, your applications, backup, and disaster recovery services run on proven, VMware-based technology with options for public cloud, private cloud, or bare metal. This gives you the flexibility to have the highest performance, while balancing budget requirements.

In addition, iland’s team of experts support all your services via 100%, financially backed service level agreement (SLA) from our world-class cloud regions located around the world

Resource flexibility, agility, and scale

The cloud provides the flexibility your institution needs to advance learning now and in the future. By leveraging IT resources on-demand, with the ability to quickly add new resources as your needs grow, you can provide your students, faculty, and other administrators with the technologies they need – knowing that their data is safe and secure.

iland Secure Cloud delivers the highest performing resources on-demand, with a pay-for-what-you-consume model for efficiency. The ability to deliver resources to the masses – whether it is in the traditional classroom or online – will prove invaluable as requirements change over time

Security and controls

With personal data, security and compliance are key. Restricting access to personal information is the responsibility of the hosting institution, but unfortunately, traditional IT environments are becoming more complex, harder to manage, and security requirements increase every year. Moving to the cloud can help.

iland Secure Cloud services include built-in security and protection, as well as a dedicated compliance team ready to answer questions.

Education institutions that deal with personal data often require higher levels of security and compliance than do private organizations. Our goal, in all cases, is to exceed expectations and also simplify the management reporting of requirements. Our integrated, multi-layered security capabilities can all be managed via the Secure Cloud Console:

  • Built-in antivirus, encryption, intrusion detection, and much more
  • On-demand security and compliance reporting
  • Continuous logging and monitoring
  • Various external audit reports, in-house compliance experts, and transparent information security and data privacy practices
  • Self-service access to compliance documentation
  • Continuous improvement activities to meet changing regulations

Dedicated, in-house compliance team

All of iland services are supported by our in-house certified compliance team. iland’s compliance team is dedicated to ensuring our services meet regulatory requirements across the globe and strive to meet industry best-practice standards. iland’s compliance team is available to:

  • Answer your due diligence questions
  • Provide documentation
  • Assist you with audit information and guidance

iland’s internal operations and iland’s US data center locations are
SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliant.

ISO/IEC 27001

Delivering Exceptional Cloud: A few of iland’s
Education customers like you.

Security / VMware-based environment

Leading US private law school partners with iland to protect IT systems from ransomware and ensure business continuity.

Disaster Recovery /
Business continuity

iland helps Wilson Center protect confidential global issues and foreign policy research in the cloud.

Additional iland features and capabilities to help support
your financial transformation.

  • Secure Cloud Hosting VMware based technology
    VMware-based technology.
    The underlying technology that delivers the cloud service matters. iland uses proven technology from leading vendors including VMware, HPE Nimble, Cisco, Trend Micro, and Tenable.
  • Individual design
    Right-sized cloud for your workloads.
    Dedicated strategy and deployment services provide you with the ability to quickly extend your existing VMware-based workloads to the cloud without the effort and disruption of replatforming your applications.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Multi-layered security.
    Multi-layered security.
    iland Secure Cloud includes managed, purpose-selected security across all services. iland security is directly integrated into the iland Secure Cloud Console to provide for ease of use, transparency, and control.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting All-inclusive consumption-based pricing.
    All-inclusive consumption-based pricing.
    iland’s consumption-based service model is measured on actual usage of resources, not allocation. This provides you with high levels of utilization, reduces complexity, and improves forecast accuracy. All-inclusive pricing means no additional or hidden charges.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Dedicated compliance team.
    Dedicated compliance team.
    To help make the transition to cloud easier from a compliance standpoint, and to help tackle your geographic and/or industry-specific regulatory requirements, iland maintains an in-house compliance team that is ready to support you.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Network Support Services.
    Network Support Services.
    iland offers Network Support services and multi-cloud connectivity to give you the flexibility to maintain and preserve your existing network policies and investments to ensure your workloads can communicate. This also allows you to proceed with your existing corporate network strategy without disruption.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Migration made easy.
    Migration made easy.
    Easily migrate existing VMware applications and workloads to a proven cloud platform designed for performance, availability, and security. No refactoring or re-architecting required.
  • Secure Cloud Managed up to the hypervisor
    Managed up to the hypervisor.
    iland manages all cloud resources, up to the hypervisor including security, storage, and compute resources. Management is included with all services.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Familiar management.
    Familiar management.
    Service management is made easy through tools and capabilities that are similar to those already used on-premises, to allow for your existing skills to transfer across environments.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Unified management.
    Unified management.
    Benefit from unified management through the iland Secure Cloud Console, built-in data protection, and integrated security across all services including public cloud, private cloud, backup, disaster recovery, and more.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Backup and Disaster Recovery.
    Backup and Disaster Recovery.
    Included with all services is built-in backup to protect against internal and external threats. Additionally, our industry-leading Disaster Recovery as a Service is available for complete data protection and recovery.
  • Secure Cloud Hosting Premium 24/7/365 support included.
    24/7/365 support included.
    Our support team is available by phone, email and ticketing system to address your questions. iland understands that technical questions represent time and money to our customers, so we strive to resolve issues rapidly with our committed technical team in each region.