Cost is more than price: The real economics of hyperscale cloud

Tuesday, April 27 at 4:00 pm BST/5:00 CET

“Moving to the cloud will save you money.”
You’ve probably used these words when making the case for cloud with your customers. It’s true that owning, operating, and maintaining a datacentre is expensive when you compare it to leveraging infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), backup-as-a-service (BaaS), or disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS). But are you actually counting all of the cloud costs?
When you and your customers are evaluating price across many different cloud providers—particularly hyperscale clouds—you need to consider a new set of cost levers. This way you and your customers can get the best combination of cost and performance that will meet their specific business and application needs. Join us for our upcoming webinar where we will discuss:

  • Why price does not equal cost
  • Which cloud costs matter the most for customers considering BaaS, DRaaS, and IaaS
  • What analysis you should leverage when customers are comparing cloud service providers
  • Why it’s important to explain the bottom line to them before they deploy
  • How iland’s technology, consumption model, and supporting services are an economic advantage when you’re recommending cloud service providers

Marc Beder, Director, Solutions Architecture
Jack Bailey, Director, Channel Enablement

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