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We have learned some uncomfortable truths about cybercrime over the last few years: Cyberthieves don’t stop, they do get smarter, and there is no single, silver-bullet solution that can prevent all attacks. As your data grows, so do the challenges of protecting it without a multi-layered approach. Developing a cybercrime strategy that includes both threat defense and offense can dramatically improve your ability to combat even the most sophisticated threats.
Watch iland’s Sarah Doherty, Jack Bailey, and Will Urban to hear how using a comprehensive defend, protect, and recovery approach to cybercrime can best protect your organization. Watch this session to:

  • Hear how a combination of security, data protection, and disaster recovery can help your organization defeat cyberthreats from the start
  • Learn how using disaster recovery as an offensive strategy early and often can improve your ability to identify security gaps
  • Watch a demonstration of iland’s unified management Secure Cloud Console, to see how you can defend, protect, and recover from a single interface
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Sarah Doherty
Product Marketing Manager

Jack Bailey
Senior Product Manager –
Cloud Data Protection

Will Urban
Technical Product Marketing Manager