Webinar: Three terrifying tales of data loss

Wednesday, October 19th at 10:00 AM CDT

Data loss can be catastrophic to an organization. The sheer thought of your customers losing business critical data may even haunt you. But what can you do to prevent this nightmare from occurring?  While there is no magic potion, there are ways you can help keep your customer’s data protected from a potential disaster.

During our upcoming presentation, we’ll look at three very different scenarios where customers found their data inaccessible. Our team will also discuss:

  • Potential vulnerabilities and other ways data loss can occur
  • What it looks like to get data protection and security right
  • How to get started with your business continuity plan

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Sam Woodcock
11:11 Systems, Sr. Director, Cloud Strategy and Enablement

Jack Bailey
11:11 Systems, VP Channel and Sales Enablement