Webinar - Can we talk?

Starting the cloud conversation with your customers.

Thursday, May 19th at 10:00 AM AEST

Have you ever had a difficult time explaining the business benefits of cloud solutions to your customers? Need help figuring out how to stress the importance of having backup in the cloud? Or how a cloud-based disaster recovery solution can keep an organisation going when the unexpected occurs?

While you may understand the benefits and risks yourself, it can be difficult to make it clear in your conversations with customers. During our upcoming presentation, we’ll give you tips and tricks for starting the cloud conversation. Plus, we’ll share:

  • Key things to listen for when you’re talking to customers
  • Helpful discovery questions to steer the conversation and keep the focus on their business needs
  • Ways to discuss cloud value so customers sell themselves on the benefits
  • How to deal with objections and close cloud deals
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Jack Bailey
iland Director, Sales and Channel Enablement

Ariel Reetz
iland, Enablement Manager