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iland’s backup sizing calculator can help you determine how much space you need to backup your data

Fill out the form on the right to immediately access iland’s backup sizing calculator. This tool will help you calculate your backup storage requirements with just a few pieces of information:

  • Used Storage
  • Daily Restore Points
  • Weekly Restore Points
  • Monthly Restore Points
  • Yearly Restore Points


With iland Secure Cloud Backup for Veeam Cloud Connect, you can:

  • Significantly lower your total cost of ownership and reduce team and resource usage.
  • Improve the speed of data recovery through powerful search and restore of files, folders, and virtual workloads.
  • Protect more data through fast setup, integrated encryption, and a superior onboarding experience.
  • Mitigate exposure to ransomware by offsiting additional copies of your data to the cloud.
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